Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What design to start with?

I asked yesterday if you had any questions and Amy wrote in:

Amy said...
Ok, here goes. Can you suggest a good first project for someone who would like to try designing? That someone being me. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate all the tips and information that you regularly share with your readers.
August 26, 2008 9:11 AM

Thanks Amy! I'm guessing that if you want to be a designer, you have already designed several things. Usually out of necessity, a designer will create something to fill a need. (I need a hat, friend needs a baby blanket, cat needs a toy, etc). What you may be new at is writing it down. I'll get back to your question, but...

Let me digress for a few minutes and tell you that when I first stayed home when Chickee was born and I was looking for some industry for myself, I thought at first that I would write children's books. (How hard can it be, I thought?). Somewhere in a writer's guidebook I read, something to the effect that you need to "write everyday". And I thought, "Write everyday, I don't even write once a month". Then there was another comment about how one writer writes because "she has to" that it is part of her personality, that it is as inherent to her day as brushing her teeth. That's how I feel about crochet. I do it everyday. While I did "set out" to be a designer, it was not a stretch, I didn't have to "fit it in" to my lifestyle the way I would have had to make time to be a writer. I learned that I shouldn't be a writer because it wasn't an inherent part of my personality. (I could probably do it, but it would be work and would be harder for me than for someone who was naturally drawn to writing in the first place, uh and I wasn't passionate about it, it was just something I thought I could do to make money).

Now, a possible un-related comment: We like to go to craft fairs and inevitably we see wood worked toys or bird houses or something, and my very talented husband says, "I could do that" and I always say, "But you didn't". There are many talented designers (woodworkers and crocheters) out there, but we can't all do everything we want to do, we have to make priorities. If you want to be a crochet designer, it has to be a priority, more than a hobby, barely less than an obsession.

Now, back to your question. Choose something that highlights what you are best at (cables? Tunisian? Tapestry?). Choose something where gauge is secondary (scarf, afghan, washcloth). Make something you want for yourself because 1. You might end up keeping it forever, and 2. if you like it, maybe someone else will too.


TurquoizBlue said...

I am loving your "becoming a designer" posts. I share them with others too.

Amy said...

Thanks, Ellen for answering my question in today's post. I will print it out and save it in my "Crochet" file along with all your other "becoming a designer" posts.