Friday, August 22, 2008

Book Review: Knit and Crochet with Beads

What can I say, it's Lily Chin. Knit and Crochet with Beads is one of the few combo books I've seen that attempt to give equal attention to both crafts. Now, it's not 50/50, but it's close. 150 pages of Lily's experience. The crochet starts on page 89, which is further than halfway. There is a few appendices/index stuff in the back that also cuts into the crochet "half". I think I counted 7 methods of knitting with beads and 6 methods of crocheting with beads, including pre-strung and hoisting techniques. There are projects for each technique. There are also tips on looping techniques, bugles, spangles, etc. There are some notes on design and planning of bead placement. If you are bi-textural (you both knit and crochet), you'll love this book. If you are a crocheter only, and you are interested in beading, you'll love the book. It's good, I like it. I think it will be a good reference for the shelf and I look forward to spending more time with it.

Also, on the fiction front, I just finished reading Brad Meltzer's The First Counsel. It was a fast read with quick wit and an intriguing story line. I really was just as confused as the main character in figuring out "whodunit". The story is set in the White House, which I always find interesting. I've been to the White House twice and it's fun to read about a place where I've actually been, even if it is fiction. I'm also sure he's taken some creative license, but it's fiction, so I'm ok with that. I'll be looking to read more of Brad Meltzer's books. This one strikes me as a book my husband and I could both read and enjoy.

Just a head's up, there probably won't be a post on Saturday or Sunday because the various picnics, family reunion, soccer game, start of school Mass, covered-dish preparation, etc. Oh yeah, and Chief just threw up, so that should add some fun to the weekend. :)

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