Saturday, August 16, 2008

Book Review: Two Balls or Less

I hate to write a bad review of a book. But if I only write good ones, will you ever believe me? There's also the "If you can't say anything nice....don't say anything at all"motto. I also think about if I ever want to write a book, what if I diss a book by a publisher who might want me one day? Is it wise for me to write a poor review?

This book is by Jenny Hill and it's called Two Balls or Less, published in 2007. It says "over 30 simply stylish knitting and crochet projects". I counted only 4 crochet projects. Many of the projects are made in novelty yarns. Because the focus of the book is "two balls or less" and we all know that yarn is not created equal, and the size/yardage of yarns varies greatly, it makes a huge difference WHICH yarn you choose for it to be "2 balls or less". So, I was surprised that the patterns didn't list the actual yarns used, but saved it for a listing in the back reference section.


CN said...

Thanks for reviewing this book! I'd never heard of it, but I suppose if I had, I would have gotten it right away. I hate books that aren't well thought out, and lead us to believe we're getting one thing, when it's entire another.
And it's totally ridiculous that it doesn't give the suggested yarn in the pattern!!

Ellen Gormley said...

The yarn is listed, but it's in the back in a reference section instead of with the pattern. Since the main focus of the book is "two balls or less" I felt that it was an important enough detail that it should have been up with each pattern.