Friday, August 15, 2008

Book Review: More Tapestry Crochet

SCORE!!! I got this used library copy of More Tapestry Crochet by Carol Ventura off of Amazon. I tried to get a link for you, but it appears that it can't be found on Amazon or Ebay right now. Oh, I just found it, here it is on Amazon. Check out Carol's Website, to see if you can find it there for a better price. I also got it for a great price considering this is a sought after book just keeps going UP in price. She published this book by herself in 2002. You know, on my wish list is her other book, Bead and Felted Tapestry Crochet. I gotta have it. Maybe that one can wait until my birthday.
More Tapestry crochet is 172 pages. It has projects, it has beads, it has right and left handed instructions, it has history, it has tips on "Alternate Row-Switch Hands" WooHoo. I just learned this.... Get this, when you work in rows, instead of turning at the end of the row, you switch your hook to your non-dominant hand and crochet with the other hand! I just did this for a project and I LOVE it. I can now do sc with my left hand. I tried to do hdc but it's going to take some practice. Of course, there is more design tips and great inspiration from the around-the-world gallery. I just love owning a copy.

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minimomes1 said...

Good for you, it's a great book. I love it - I keep on checking "mine" out of the local library for a couple of months at a time (well, I renew it for a maximum of 2 times and then have to regretfully return it).

Can't wait to see your designs incorporating tapestry crochet.