Monday, August 18, 2008

Book Review: Special Techniques & Stitches in Crochet

Here we go! DRG/House of White Birches seems to have a new format for their books! Special Techniques and Stitches in Crochet is on Amazon. This matte-finish has a beautiful, elegant layout! It is edited by Judy Crow, is 176 pages and is full of some great projects and famous crochet names. The 'special techniques' are: No-chain foundation, diagonal crochet, wiggly crochet, Irish crochet, Knit-look crochet and punched fabric. There appears to be about 44 stitch patterns too. There are 3 projects for each technique and several projects in the "stitch patterns" section.

Some of the highlights are: Margaret Hubert's cardigan (love it), Kimberly Kotary's "Puff Stitch Crowns bag" (love it, very unique), Lisa Naskrent's "Alpine Cables" hat and scarf set (gorgeous), and I think my favorite of all, Susan Lowman's "Contemporary Waves Rug" (Love it). It's also full of other great designs by Tammy Hildebrand, Darla Sims, Joyce Nordstrom, Bendy Carter's (knit-look sweater, I totally would wear that!)

It's a really good book. Not only can you learn some new techniques (which is usually why I buy a book), but it has some great patterns too.

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