Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Glenda's sweater

Unearthed! An original 1970's sweater. Look at this interesting construction! The rows start at the hem and go vertically up over the shoulder and down the back. This construction type is popping up more and more. My toddler jacket is made this way, vertically. It just goes to show that ideas get recycled. This is made in an acrylic yarn, and it looked like worsted weight, but was crocheted pretty tightly. It probably has a little better drape because of it's age and wear.

This sweater inspired a project I am currently working on. I'll get you a sneak peek and see if you can figure it out.


Haley said...

Hi Ellen, Do you have Judith Copeland's modular crochet book? It is out of print but you can often find copies on ebay. It is an interesting concept and I have made a few baby sweaters using that method. I find it a bit challenging when you are using a complicated stitch pattern - much more so than the top-down method. I hate to sew so the fewer seams the better! Have a great day!

Ellen Gormley said...

Hi Haley,

No, I don't have Judith's book. Isn't that the book that pops up on Ebay occasionally for over $100 per copy? LOL! I've heard it's awesome.

Blaze LaFlame said...

I liked the sweater but it looks a little too warm for right now;)

Ellen Gormley said...

LOL Blaze, I didn't design the sweater. My willing victim found the sweater her mother had made in the 70's and graciously put it on long enough for me to snap a photo! I assure you, she took the hot sweater off right away, as you are right, it's way too hot in August to be wearing a sweater in the Midwest.