Thursday, August 28, 2008

If I had an intern....

Wouldn't it be great to have an intern? Like the interns on Grey's Anatomy, and I get to be Dr. Bailey and just tell them all what to do. I say intern, because there is no way I could hire an assistant! But if I had an assistant, I would have my assistant:

keep a running inventory of my stash,
remove discontinued yarns from my stash,
go to the post office for me,
request yarn for me,
keep track of my receipts,
keep me organized with which company likes their instructions which way.
Oh! My intern could wind all my hanks into balls!

These are all tasks of being a designer. (well, I don't inventory my stash....)
There are many tasks of being a designer that have little to do with crocheting. I can spend all day "working" and not pick up a hook at all. Several weeks ago, Haley asked me (Hi Haley!) how much time a day I spend crocheting. I should have also answered with how much time I spend on crochet-related business activities as well. I haven't really thought about it, but I would guess that it is an additional 2 hours per day. (checking emails, responding, putting together submission packages, writing letters, writing instructions, going to the post office, etc).


tammystreasures said...

If you had your intern make dinner, clean the house, help with homework, etc., that would also give you more time to crochet. Oh, we can dream, can't we? :-)

Anonymous said...

I could use an intern or two or three of them .... lol