Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sneak Peek

I think the computer is back up and running today. Nothing sneaky has popped up yet this morning except for this sneak peek! Can you see it? I'm sure the buyer will do a much better job photographing it than I did!
What's new? We just met a family who lives down the road who has kids the same age as Chickee and Chief (plus a couple more)! I am thrilled to meet a family who can be a source of potential playdates for the kids! (I can always use a new friend, and the mom of the family seems terrific). Also, the mom is a SAHM right now, but is trained as a commercial photographer.... do you see some potential for us trading work!? I do, I do!
School starts tomorrow, so this morning is our "trial run". Chief is still asleep (as planned) and Chickee is dressed and....watching tv. I'm really counting on the excitement of 'the first day of school' to motivate her to get ready faster tomorrow.... keep your fingers crossed!
Do any of you have any crochet design questions? I'm trying to think what topics I haven't talked about yet that you might be interested in. Maybe what goes in a file? What goes in a submission? What a contract might have in it?

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Amy said...

Ok, here goes. Can you suggest a good first project for someone who would like to try designing? That someone being me. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate all the tips and information that you regularly share with your readers.