Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The hidden yard

Have I shown you this sneak peek yet? I don't recall....

Get out your tape measure! Let's find the hidden yard. Not in the photo, silly, on YOU! Ok, stand up. hold the 1" end of your flexible measuring tape in your left hand, hold your left arm out stretched, parallel to the floor, now pull the measuring tape across your body with your right hand. Where is the 36" mark? For me, it hits on my right collar bone. (My arms are long, your 36" mark might fall differently). Now, why does this matter? I use it to estimate how much yarn I am going to need to complete a project. I'll make a swatch, let's say a motif, and then I'll unravel it and pull the yarn across my chest, like I did with the measuring tape, and count how many yards it took to make the motif. Multiply by the number of motifs and divide by the number of yards in the skein and viola'. Don't forget to round up, add yarn for sewing/crocheting motifs together, and making the edging.

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