Friday, August 8, 2008

Book Review: Tapestry Crochet

One day, I will own all of Carol Ventura (nee Norton)'s books. I have been coveting them for some time and finally just got a like-new copy of Tapestry Crochet. It's a soft back 108 page text on the origins and methods of Tapestry crochet. Tapestry crochet is often also called, "Hard" crochet (like the texture, not the difficulty), Intarsia, Fair Isle, and Mosaic crochet. Carol is also a teacher, Carol has a unique global perspective on how tapestry crochet has developed in different cultures around the world.

It's an excellent reference showing illustrations of both right and left-handed crochet stitches. There are many diagrams and "graph papers" for designing your own Tapestry style pieces, either flat or in the round. The book includes patterns too, but the real treasure is in the learning of the techniques. Check out Carol's website and blog!

I'm a big fan of Tapestry crochet (both the book and the technique!) and you'll see tapestry techniques pop up in my work here and there, though rarely, do I do a whole piece in the style. Hmmm, there will be a couple of examples coming up soon...

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