Friday, August 29, 2008

Design Journey

Do you want to go on a design journey with me? I'm thinking about letting you in AT THE VERY BEGINNING of a design and letting you come with me until it's completion. I expect this to take several months because the design that I'm going to do is not for publication (because I wouldn't be allowed to share those), but a design for Chickee that may eventually be a self-published design, I haven't decided yet. What do you think? What do I think? Do I want to open myself up and my process up for your voyeuristic pleasure? I'm thinking that you all, dear readers, would like this very much. Maybe I should try it. I'm not going to do a regular post on it. I'll label all the posts about this as "Design Journey: Chickee's dress". My self-imposed deadline for the project is April 30, 2009. Why April 30, 2009? Well, if I decide to do this, I'll tell ya!
Here are the first day of school photos! Wow, they are getting big! (wipes tear)

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Haley said...

SO adorable! Hope they had a good day! My little guy had his first day yesterday too! My how the time flew this summer - can't believe the leaves are already changing here in CT!! I for one would love to go on a design journey with you! I am facinated by the creative process and think it would be very fun to follow your thoughts as you make your garment.