Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Do Lists

When I get flooded with ideas, I usually write to-do lists. This time, I'm going to do it a little different so that I don't overwhelm myself further and I put everything in perspective.

I'm breaking my list into:

Have-to-do (I'm already committed)
Want-to-do (this is the plan...)
It would be nice if I could-do (If I can find time, this is important to me)

Have To-Do:
Finish the projects I'm contracted to do.
Make Chickee's First Communion Dress
Do the CAL

Want To-Do: (This is not to say that I don't also want to do the have-to-do items. Have I confused you? LOL)
Make a booklet proposal
Design a sweater that's been rolling around in my head.
Design something to wear to TNNA in Columbus in June, or a few things to wear...

It Would be nice if I could-do:
Multiple design proposals ready for TNNA
Design something for a specific yarn company that I like.
Design something in knit and crochet together. (that would be FUN!)

There are many other ongoing goals, but for some reason, these have been bouncing around in my head so much that I felt if I wrote them down they would seem less daunting... and they do!

BY the Way!
I want to start the CAL as soon as possible! As you know, I need to design it, and we need to conceptualize it more first. Then I need to write the pattern, and show you what it is and give you time to get the yarn ready. I'm hoping we will all start stitching by March 1. Stay posted!

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