Thursday, January 29, 2009

Design Journey: Chickee's Dress

I'm re-thinking the skirt design that I had swatched up for Chickee's First Communion Dress. I re-took her measurements to make sure that they hadn't changed dramatically from the first time I took them a couple of months ago.

I bought a full slip for her and she tried it on. I figure it is easier to find the slip and get the dress to fit over it, than to design a dress and try and find a slip (for a 7 yo, who will only wear it once) that will match this custom-made dress.

Even though I'm re-thinking the skirt, I want the bodice to be pretty plain, and I'm more nervous about getting the bodice right than the skirt, so I will start with the bodice in a plain stitch because the skirt will be more ornate. I'm thinking that the bodice will need buttons up the back, because it is cotton and will not likely stretch much for her to pull it over her head. Also, it will be fairly fitted, with not much ease, again, hard to pull it over the head. So, it will be like a cardigan only turned the other way so that it buttons up the back. It will be a front, and two backs. Also, it needs to be a fairly conservative neckline, again, the buttons will help. I already bought the buttons. I have six 1/2" buttons in white. While I would have preferred shank buttons so that I could crochet them in, I couldn't find white shank buttons, so these have 2 eye holes and I will likely sew them on with thread opposite the buttonholes and I won't have to worry so much about the design part making corresponding placement for the buttons opposite the holes.

I already did my math based on my swatch. Still, I'm going to make a paper pattern on graph paper, the exact finished size that I am trying for. This is so that I can double check that my gauge is matching the finished measurements, and if it's not, I can make the dress fit and then re-do the math later and change the gauge.

A sketch for the Design Journey: CAL Purse is coming on 1/31. check back and see!

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