Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 Million Stitches, but I'm not counting

Sometimes, I am my father's daughter. My dad is an accountant and just like him, occasionally math amuses me. In the 'Let it Snow Winter Throw' pictured above, there is 173 rows of 152 sts each = 26,296 sts of just the blue. (not counting the white). I have photos of 106 afghans that I have made since 1994. Now, I'm not counting sweaters, purses, toys, hats, scarves, swatches, times I've frogged and restitched, times I have made items multiple times, and things that I never took photos of, I'm counting JUST AFGHANS. If I take 106 afghans times 26, 296 sts, that means I have made 2,787,376 sts. Yes, I know some afghans are bigger than others, some have more stitches and some have less, some have more "holes" and some are more solid. But since I'm not counting the purses, garments, hats, scarves, toys, swatches, and times that I've frogged and restitched... I'm rounding up to an even 3 million. Got a problem with that? LOL. Frankly, 3 million seems a little low...

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