Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rings of Fire aka The Heat is On...

Have I shown you this one before? I called it "Rings of fire" in honor of the Johnny Cash song, but the editors of the American School of Needlecraft book, entitled "Warm and Fuzzy Crochet" (2006?) renamed it "The Heat is on Afghan". I had much fun trying to name this one, I kept thinking of the Target logo, and maybe it should have been called, "Ode to Target". Oh, if only Target carried yarn... I would be there even more often!

Wow! The poll is heating up! The purse and hat options are tied with 10 votes and only 6 more days until the poll closes! Which will it be? Hmmm? Which ever one we do first, I'll try to do the other one later in the year. If you haven't voted and are remotely interested, get on it! :)

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