Monday, January 26, 2009

Purse CAL and Design Journey

WooHoo! The first CAL is about to get underway! We have some planning to do!

Your comments are critical here!

This is where I start a design... brainstorming....

What kind of bag do we want? I tend to go more for the casual everyday bag rather than an evening purse or clutch. Does that mean I should try something different?

I love tote bags, but even more, I love bags that I can carry as a purse. Which are you interested in doing? If I made a tote bag... what would it's function be? to carry WIPs? To take to the library? To take to the pool?

I'm feeling somewhat inspired by COLOR right now. So, likely, I'll want to incorporate tapestry crochet or color work in some way.

We could either go with a structured (stiff) bag or a more slouchy bag. I love backpacks, but I don't know if I want to do a backpack this time...

I love felted bags, but I'm thinking that not all of you might like a felted bag. If I designed something that could be either felted or not, that might please more people.

How do you feel about straps/handles? I like something that I can throw over my shoulder, however, maybe something with a short handle would be a nice change. Also, I have on hand a leather shoulder purse strap that I bought at theLeisureboutique that it might be good to use... Oh! use the leather strap with a felted colorwork bag.... with pockets! It's gotta have pockets. If it's felted, then it will be more like something to carry in the fall and winter. Would I rather have something I can carry right away into Spring and Summer?

Everyone interested in the Purse CAL, please comment. Do not worry about hurting my feelings, because when it all comes down to it, I won't be able to please everyone and I'll likely have to go with what inspires me.


Maria said...

Hi Ellen,
I am so excited for this CAL! Here are my thoughts... I would love a purse, medium sized, not too huge but not tiny. I would really like crocheted handles, 1 or 2, big enough to go over my shoulder, but not really long. I love the look of felted bags, but I have trouble working with wool, so I am going to vote non-felted.

That said, I am totally happy with whatever everyone else wants and will be participating regardless of what is decided :)

Thanks for starting this, I am really looking forward to it.


Deb said...


I am interested in this CAL. I've never participated in one, and I'm looking forward to it. I've never crocheted a purse, funny, because purses are my passion. Anyway, I am most interested in a medium to large casual purse. With crocheted handles. I am not interested in the wool/felt. I can hardly wait for this CAL to start!