Saturday, January 24, 2009

Steaming Linen

Here's me steaming some linen. This one happens to be Louet Euroflax, Wetspun Linen. I find linen to be very... "crunchy". I opened the hank, left them tied, then hovered the steam iron over them, spreading the fibers out as much as possible. This gets a little bit of the "crunch" out of the yarn so that it is more pleasant to work with. After this, I put it on the swift, untied it, and wound it into usable balls. I made my two swatches, measured them, steamed them and noted the different in sizes, the difference in how they feel. Then I actually ironed one of them to see if I could and if it made any difference. I think the ironed one is noticeably softer.


Krystal said...

That's a fabulous color! I get scared to death to steam block because I am afraid that I'm going to ruin my whole project!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have a number of items that are woven linnen. They're always nicer afer they've been pressed.

Looking forward to the cal and seeing what you pick out!