Saturday, January 17, 2009

Natalie's bag

Finally, a little felted bag for our Niece. This is to hold her new MP3 player she got for Christmas. I made one for my SIL (the Niece's mom) last year to use when walking the dog, easy to hold the leash and the keys and Id at the same time. But, Niece was taking SIL's mini bag, so I made her one of her own... I love this little bag. So cute. You may remember seeing this before... I made it in black with beads to wear at a cocktail party... but I can't find the post right now.... I wonder if I could just re-paste the photo? Ok, I found the photo of the one I made for my SIL, but Blogger won't let me move photos around today for some reason? It's the lighter blue one. The darker one I made for our Niece.

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