Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chickee's sewing projects

Chickee has had the benefit of our delightful next door neighbor who has an awesome sewing room with a terrific view and great skills. Dottie has given Chickee just 2 sewing lessons and has dubbed Chickee a "natural". I'm so impressed with her little quilt! It has a backing, and batting inside, it has some basic quilting on the surface it has the nice edging thing (is it called binding?). Wait until I show you what she made in her 2nd lesson. (I think I need to take some lessons....). Chickee said she wants a sewing machine of her own! I know she can't reach the pedal and Dottie had to teach her using a push-button on/off mechanism on one of her machines.

I'm getting excited about the CAL. I'm thinking of questions to ask you to help guide the design (to some degree). I will do quick 1-2 day polls on different directions a "purse" could go, so you'll need to read everyday if you want to offer input. That is, if the purse option wins. There is still a couple days left to vote!

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Tracy said... exciting about your daughter learning to sew. Her quilt is just lovely.

All three of my girls (14, 10, 8) have learned to sew and each has done a simple project or two. I also have a son who when he reaches 8 will be taking a basic sewing class. I'm a real believer that children should be taught how to use a sewing machine and make some easy projects. Boys and girls should know how to sew. If they enjoy it the "skies the limit" to do more advance projects.