Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crochet news

Lots of news my friends! KAL media is putting out a new Crochet magazine called "Inside Crochet". We can never have enough crochet magazines, just ask the periodicals guy at the library (NOT!). Check out the news here. Just to let you know, you might be hearing me talk about this magazine again in the future.

Also in the news, Doris Chan and Kristin Omdahl have a great new crochet booklet out for Tahki Stacy Charles, take a gander at the eye candy on Doris' blog.

In less exciting news, there is a story-line on the Bold and the Beautiful soap opera on CBS that has a crochet designer who just designed some great crocheted bikinis. Nevermind that they make the designer out to be a goofy old woman who's got mental health problems.... but they keep raving about how awesome the designs are.

In the new Current Catalog, there is a design of a starched thread "bowl", find it here

One tree put away, one more to go! The good news is that I was able to start crocheting today after 2 days of self-imposed rest for the elbow! I made a few small items on the to-do list. I'll try to take photos in the next day or two. I made a tiny MP-3 player bag holder thingy for my Niece for a belated addition to her birthday gift. I want to felt it. I also am about 1/2 through with a Driftwood Cap with brim for the granddaughter of a dear friend. Tomorrow I start a major new project for publication.

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Womanji said...

Your cat looks just like our Patches. He likes to hold down my yarn when I crochet and knit.