Monday, January 12, 2009

Chief's treasures

Captain took Chief and Chickee hiking and they found these. Cool huh? That turtle shell is intriguing. No wonder designers have been inspired by the turtle and tortoise shells for years. Most often found in jewelry and eyeglass frames, that mixture of dark brownish marbled with a lighter brown is really a classic combination.

I don't have much to say this week. I'm plugging away at a much more comfortable pace than the past few weeks. I have much waiting in the wings to show you, but nothing I'm allowed to reveal yet.

I will say that one of the coolest things about being a crochet designer is that I get to work with many more luxurious fibers that I wouldn't know about and wouldn't be able to afford without the publishing and yarn companies' sponsorship. 99% of the time, the yarn company donates the yarn for the item to be made. It's publicity for the yarn shop to have their yarn used in a magazine, so they are glad to do it. Still, many of the domestic, easily accessible yarns have gotten very, very good. Before I became a designer I had never even heard of the yarn companies I am using now. It makes me feel very cosmopolitan, without leaving Ohio. LOL.

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