Friday, June 19, 2009

TNNA Sunday 2009

Hmmm, at some point, Drew got his picture taken.

And here's Mary Beth Temple at the Teacher 'meet and greet'. This is where yarn shops could walk around and meet prospective teachers for their shops.

Here's Robyn Chachula and Amy O'Neill Houck at a shindig after the Fashion Show Friday night. Sunday I spent looking at the map of the convention floor trying hard not to miss any companies or booths that were on my list of "must sees". I went in search of Kristin Nicholas and found her! But she was busy doing business, so I didn't interrupt and I missed meeting her. I saw lots of other "greats" from a distance. I think I saw Melissa Leapman stride by. I said 'Hi' to Edie Eckman, and caught a few minutes with Brett Bara, the editor of Crochet Today and Candi Jensen, Author, designer, tv producer of Knit and Crochet Today show. I said 'Hi' and congrats on a beautiful Fashion Show piece to Annie Modesitt. Now that I'm reading other people's blogs and tweets on Twitter, I am hearing that I totally missed many great people I would have liked to have said, "Hi" to. I saw Jennifer Hansen, the Stitch Diva from a distance. I said "Hi" to Eunny Jang (Editor of Interweave Knits) and Lisa Shroyer of Interweave fame. I saw Nicky Epstein from a distance. I got a book signed by Sharon Silverman! I forgot! I have her book to give away! I also have Mary Beth Temple's book "Hooked For Life" to give away! I need to think of a fun way to give those away. And Kristi Porter, knit author of "Knitting in the Sun", I got to talk with her and see an advance copy of her book. I got to spend some time with Kristin Omdahl, she's got great perspective.

It's kind of strange in such a huge event, some people you run into over and over again and other people you miss completely. Then there are the people you want to meet, but you don't know what they look like, so unless you can read name tags while you are walking, you may have passed that person a dozen times and never have known it!

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