Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That's my kitty, odds and ends

Oh, I'm so busy! It's so good to be busy! Also, this is the last week of school for Chickee. Chief has to go on Monday as well, then he will be done. So our week has been full of fieldtrips, picnics, out-of-uniform days, remembering to layer on the sunscreen before they go to school, etc.

I have a new Secret Project with a capital S and P going on. Of course, they are all secret. I'm going to ask if I'm allowed to do a sneak peek. I had started a skirt to wear to next week's TNNA conference in Columbus, OH, but It's not going to get finished. I'm working from the waist down, and I'm at the mid-hip right now. I already inserted the zipper just to make sure that I could and that I was on the right track. The zipper isn't the best color and doesn't match well. Still, this is the first skirt I can recall ever crocheting, so I'm thinking of this as a practice piece.

I have a tester working on the Super Speedy Shrug, so I haven't forgotten about it. I just don't want to put out the pattern unless it's as correct as it can be.

You've got a day or two to vote on the Ripple CAL on the right side bar. If you previously voted 'Maybe, but want to see a photo', now that you have seen a photo, I think you can change your vote.