Tuesday, June 23, 2009

CAL Floating Ripples

Hi, I am Letty from the Netherlands and would like to join your CAL Floating Ripples. I just bought the pattern and have a question: what does BPdc and FPdc mean?

Hi Letty! Thank you for joining us. "BPdc" means Back Post double crochet. Instead of inserting the hook in the top of the indicated st, you work the stitch around the post of the stitch. Because it is a "Back" post double crochet, when you are done, it sits behind the stitch you are working around. Yarn over, put your hook on the back side of the fabric, reach from the back around the front of the indicated st, then yarn over and complete your dc. The stitch is worked around the post of the stitch instead of the top of the stitch.

"FPdc" is Front Post double crochet. The hook starts on the front side of the fabric reaches around the back of the indicated st back to the front, then yarn over and complete the stitch.

Crochet designer extraordinaire, Amie Hirtes has a video tutorial of the stitch on her website/blog. Check it out here.

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Letty said...

Hi, thank you for your response, I will make a swatch to practice the stitches.