Thursday, June 18, 2009

TNNA Saturday 2009

These photos are all in the wrong order... anyway, above is me with Marly Bird of the YarnThing podcast and Mary Beth Temple of Hooked for Life publishing and the Getting Loopy Podcast, both on Blog Talk Radio. Marly is wearing a hat she designed for Polarknits (I think). Mary Beth Temple had just finished a long day of signing BOTH her new books, Hooked for Life, and DIY Afghans. Me, tired, with the hair back for the evening. This was taken at like 11pm.

Here's me earlier in the day with Kim Werker, author, designer, and former editor of Interweave Crochet. She has a new book that debuted at TNNA for Interweave Press, Interweave Presents Crocheted Gifts.
Here's the Ravelry gang with friends. From left to right, Jessica, Rockstar Doris Chan, Mary Heather, Sarah, Casey, designer and CGOA Board member, Vashti Braha, and Renee Barnes.

Here I am with Bobbie Matela. Bobbie has had a long career in the needlework industry and now is with Coats & Clark.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early for an 8am class with Author, teacher, designer, crochet and knit advocate, Lily Chin. Lily has TWO new books coming out in the fall also, Crochet Tips and Tricks and Knit Tips and Tricks.

I had some meetings, walked around and explored yarn from all over the world, met cool people, had lunch with Doris Chan and Drew Emborsky at Columbus' North Market. Drew was showcasing his new pattern line with Leisure Arts. Doris is coming out with a 3RD book in Spring for Potter Craft. Doris let me try on a Doris Chan Original dress while I was there that was just fantastic, but it showed just a little too much leg (for my age) for me to wear it around the show floor.

Saturday night before dinner, I hung out with many cool people. Are you ready for some more serious name dropping? Vashti Braha, Marty Miller, Jane Schwartz, Amy Schwartz, Drew, Mary Beth Temple, Doris Chan, and Renee Barnes, then a few of us went out to dinner and when we came back I ran into (more name dropping): Robyn Chachula, Amy O'Neill Houck, Julie Armstrong Holetz, tech editor Mandy Moore, Kim Werker, and knit designer and editor of YarnForward magazine, Shannon Okey. Wow. It's going to take me an hour to go back and link all these talented people to all their respective accomplishments. I'd better do a pre-emptive save on this post lest it disappear and I have to start over!

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Yarn Thing said...

That is a great picture of us! Much better than last years ;-) It was LOVELY to meet you. Same bat time and same bat channel next year okay? Having breakfast was a nice change to my previous TNNA's.


P.S. I did design that hat for Polar Knits and it will be in a magazine this winter :-)