Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July = Goal Review Time!

July is upon us! That means goal review time. Did you make goals for 2009 when I talked about it last December? Now is the time to review if we are on course or not for 2009 and make adjustments. Now is also a good time, all you people making money doing crochet some way or another, to tally up receipts and balance sheets from Jan through June so that you don't have to do a whole year at once in January 2010. On first glance, I'm on track for 2009. Because it might be useful to share, here is my goal sheet back from 2004, the first year that I started designing:


1. Earn enough to cover my expenses.

This goal was a bit ambitious as it turns out. I ended up approximately $XXX. in debt for the year. My expenses were high when I chose to mail-order specialty yarns to make garments that weren’t successful projects. Otherwise, I did a good job returning extra yarns purchased locally. Try again and keep this goal for 2005.

2. Develop a professional business communication- letterhead & business card, correspondence.

I didn’t need business cards since I am not going to conferences or symposiums. The letterhead is good for cover letters for submissions.

3. Expand my skills with edging, add two to a notebook.

I did accomplish this, starting a folder with notes and doing some thoughtful study about the mathematics of edgings. I can continue this work in 2005.

4. Make a computer accounting report, credits and debits.

I accomplished this goal with my expenses and credits reported on an excel spreadsheet with all my receipts attached.

5. Sell to two different publishers.

I only sold to one, but I started to find more outlets for my work. I have a “maybe” from a second publisher.

6. Learn how small business works.

Good progress on this goal. The learning never ends.

7. Stay legal with taxes and within the boundaries of hobby (not business regulations).

This was not a problem since I didn’t make a profit.

8. Write and submit a book proposal.

a. research what is already out there.

I actually submitted two book proposals, still waiting to hear back from the second try. I started a list of book publishers and gathered some manuscript guidelines.

9. Enter the Herrschnerr’s contest.

I entered the Herrschner’s contest and found another contest to try in 2005, (Mary Maxim).

10. Join the society of Craft Designers. (in 2009, no longer exists)

I spent the $. to join this, but I’m not sure it was worth it. I have been listening in to the discussion group and while it is interesting, I don’t know that it helps. They have a mentor program, but I’m not sure what I would even want from a mentor at this point. I haven’t decided whether or not to join in 2005.

11. Make one original project per month.

This was a little ambitious, I think in the ten months that I worked with this endeavor, I created, 11 projects, but I pushed really hard.

12. Ask XX if I can only sell them firstrights and if I can get copies and design credit for tear sheets of publications that print my designs in the future. I see some designs show up in multiple publications.

I don’t feel that I am in any position to negotiate with anybody about anything at this point. I feel I should just be grateful that they even look at stuff with my name attached. (they’ve rejected the last X or more.) I know that this isn’t the best attitude, but I have to be realistic too.

13. Begin a list of publishers (potential buyers for my stuff).

Yes, I did this.

14. Consider joining CGOA

I did join the CGOA, and for $35, I think it is a bargain, and will continue my membership.

15. Make one item for me.

I made my Blue Halter top, a snowman, a grey sweater that I won’t wear, 2 winter scarves, and started 2 other projects that I didn’t finish because they didn’t turn out. Nothing that I could profit from, although it is all good experience.

16. Make one gift.

I made a baby afghan gift, three snowmen, Natalie’s poncho, a scarf for Lee and almost finished with one for Tricia. I made an afghan for Erica, from pattern.

17. Learn basics of bead crochet.

I learned this and understand it, but not proficient at it.

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Sara said...

Good idea! I have a list of blog goals. I think I'm going to expand on technique goals in my crafting travels.