Monday, June 22, 2009

CAL Floating Ripples

Hi All! How are you doing on the Floating Ripples CAL. What do you need from me? Do you need encouragement? You can do it! Here's a photo for you from one of your fellow CAL members. This one is stitched by DeeDee, and it is still in process:

The way DeeDee has these colors reminds me how great this blanket would be in school colors as a back-to-school or off-to-college gift! Thanks, DeeDee for sharing. Everyone is invited to send me photos of your CAL progress and I'll be thrilled to post them. We'll see all the different ways crocheters interpret the same pattern. DeeDee has chosen not to do the FPdc3tog and instead is doing FPdc. Here's a photo of my swatch and you'll see the subtle difference.The part I'm talking about in my swatch is directly under the "o" in Go on the photo. It's great to have choices. If you are customizing your project, show me a photo and let me see what innovation you have chosen!


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

OK Monday am CAL check-in! I ended up making a few half swatches to decide on my hook, yarn and color scheme. I just started my blanket using Encore yarn with a 5 color repeat - navy, gold, cream, rust, maroon. I hope to have more progress to report next Monday!! Have a great day! Haley

Knitting Nurd said...

Thank you, Ellen! I am loving how my blanket is coming along. I'm almost finished and will send a completed pic which I hope will show the colors a bit better. The yarn that looks gray in the photo is actually a real light green.
I chose not to do the FPdc3tog because of the 'splitty-ness' of the yarn I'm working with. I'm very pleased with the effect I'm getting though! :=) I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's!!!

Diane said...

Checking in, I'm using Vanna's Choice in Taupe, Taupe Mist and Beige. I've got about 5 rows completed and the first and last row so far don't line up with the last. LOL! So I'll be frogging and starting over. How is everyone handling weaving in the ends? I'm thinking about carrying the yarn along the edge instead. What do you think?
Diane629 (ravelry)