Monday, June 15, 2009

CAL Floating Ripples Blanket

Let's get this CAL party started! First Task: Do your swatch! Make sure you know how to do the 2- row repeat, decide what colors and color sequence you are going to use. Questions about the swatch or colors? ask them here. Let me know if you need a process photo for the first couple of rows.

I had a great time at TNNA, but it's going to take some time to sort through my to-do list. I have 2 stacks of business cards, 1. take action immediately, and 2. take action as soon as possible. I took several photos and met many great people and I plan to tell you all about it.


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it back safely! Can't wait to hear about it!

I have to tell you how adorable this picture is! I just want to reach out and scruffle him under his chin! So smooshy and soft!

Have started my CAL, in the same colors as the purple swatch! Now that the weather is turning nicer (finally!) Im having a hard time sitting still long enough to crochet a whole lot! Thank goodness for evenings and long movies!

Have a great week! Hope you get everything done you are wanting to!

Anonymous said...

Is Red Heart still making TLC Essentials? My Wal-Mart is not caring it and Red doesn't have it listed. Is there something else you could recommend? Thanks.

Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

After a couple of starts, I got the pattern down. Since gauge doesn't matter as much here, I'm going to forgo finishing the swatch and get started on the project. Time is precious right now with a baby in the house!! :0)
I'm planning to use Vanna's choice and my new J hook. I can't remember the names of the colors so I will post them in the next CAL update! Have a great day! Haley