Thursday, June 11, 2009

60! TNNA, odds and ends

Today is a bunch of random thoughts (big surprise, lol)

60! GoCrochet followers are now 60 strong! wow! Thank you! What a thrill. Wow. I'm sorta speechless. (Now, the longest post I have probably ever wrote...)

I found an item in my crochet tool box that some might question. A balloon. That's all. Does it need an explanation? Oh, ok, for those of you new to the GoCrochet blog... I use the balloons to reach the circumference of the head size I need to display/size hats. :) Because I don't have a mannequin head. This is fine with me, because I think a mannequin head would be kinda creepy and Chickee is already prone to nightmares.

I'm packing for TNNA, the National NeedleArts Association Summer Market. Again, TNNA is the professional organization for wholesale, retail, and affiliate members of the needlearts industry. The Summer show is where the yarn companies (and needlework including embroidery and cross-stitch, etc) show off their new products to retailers and LYS's hoping the retailers will buy. Publishers are also there selling their new books to retailers. Designers are there too networking. For those of you aspiring designers out there, the membership application for TNNA is on their website. In addition to paying yearly dues, and credentials, you need to have a letter of recommendation from a wholesale member of TNNA. Classes are held. (for an ala carte fee) The only thing they don't have is Yarn for retail sale. There is no yarn available for sale at this show. Captain gets to keep the kids for the weekend cuz I'm Audi. (to steal an old '90's phrase for 'I'm outta here!')

I'm taking two classes at TNNA, coincidentally, they are both with Lily Chin. I have taken a class from Lily in the past and she is very talented. Last time, I just tried to absorb everything so I could process it later, because she talks and moves so fast, that I couldn't absorb all the information at the time! Unfortunately, there weren't a huge number of crochet classes available. I would love to take classes from other great teachers also. Last year, I took a class with Robyn Chachula.... remember that?
It's Columbus, OH in the summertime! which is why my hair was completely flat! yes, I know, I'm wearing a sweater in the photo. It's hard not to show off crochet when at the TNNA show! This year I have better summer-wear to show off. (Except for the skirt, of course, that isn't going to get done.)

Oh yeah, back to the topic. I just finished my 'homework' for my classes with Lily and packed all my supplies. It took me about 90 minutes to do all my homework, but I'm glad it's done.

There will be a Fashion Show on Friday night. The yarn companies pay to enter items to show the fibers in vivo. We will be counting how many crochet items are displayed hoping the number continues to grow every year.

I wonder what's the most efficient way to pack chocolate in my suitcase without having it melt?

I am bringing too much yarn. I'm going to need a bigger bag. Or another bag. I don't really need all the toiletries and make up right? What's more important? yarn, of course, the yarn. LOL. Ok, I'm just bringing another, bigger bag. It's too funny! My duffel with the yarn, is bigger than my clothes bag! LOL!

The yarn is for swatching. I will not bring a contracted project with me for fear that someone might see it! I will also be bringing all the usual networking tools:

my day planner/phone numbers
business cards
Submission packets for various yarn companies if they show the inclination to look/take them.
the Camera, gotta have the camera
2 pairs of comfortable shoes (and band-aids, just in case)
Crochet attire
crochet books for my author friends to sign (Doris, Mary Beth Temple, Robyn Chachula, Sharon Silverman... y'all are on notice!)
one set of knitting needles in case someone feels like giving me some pointers (haha, no pun intended)

I'm sure I'll forget something important.

I don't know if I'll have time for a short post on Friday, but then you won't hear from me until Monday, probably! So get your yarn ready for the CAL! Post your goals if you are so inclined.


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

Have a great time at the conference! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return. I will miss ChainLink this year - just can't work it out to take the Littlest Princess with me to Buffalo! By then she will be 6 mo and probably wouldn't let me do crocheting any way! Have a safe trip! Looking forward to starting the CAL when you return. --Haley

Sara said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see how it all goes!

SKH said...

Safe travels!

On the manaquin head: I love my manaquin head. I call her Vera. I have both a blond and a brunette wig for it, so I can give her the hair to best show off the yarn I used.

I am required by my 39-year-old room mate to store it out of sight because it creeps her out too much if she sees it out in my 'yarn studio,' which is in the basement. If it freaks out a 39-year-old adult, you're probably right that it'll give Chickee nightmares, too.