Monday, May 5, 2008

Setting the Stage

This is how I photograph 3D crochet. I have a white muslin cloth that I drape up against something. I sit it in the corner of our living room where two walls of windows meet, letting in lots of natural light without having to fight the wind. (We get lots of wind, I'll have to write about that one day, how I have to go climbing down the cliff every week to go find our trashcans because they have blown over the guard rail... but I digress...) Oh, yes, I also "bracket" my photos the old fashioned way, and it's now so easy with digital cameras! Back in the 'black and white days' as my kids like to say, I was a photography major in college (double major with psychology). We used old traditional film cameras and we would "bracket" which means we would take the same shot with a couple of different settings, make a note of it, and see which one turned out best. I still do this with the digital camera, but I just take the photos with and without the flash, maybe on the Macro (super close up) setting and maybe without. I don't bother to make a note of it, When I see all the photos on the computer screen, I can see instantly which one is best, then I delete the rest! Very cool. It makes me feel very ancient to remember my Senior photography thesis in.... darkroom techniques.... The computer is not nearly as romantic as standing in a red-lighted darkroom watching the image magically appear on paper where it wasn't before.

To change the subject... Robyn Chachula, over at Crochet By Faye did a blog post on Saturday about the a typical day in her designing life. She has prompted several other designers to write about their typical designing days. I will be posting a 'Day in the Life' on May 17, here on my blog. Several other designers will be doing the same on different days on their blogs. Anyway, I'll let you know who, where and when designers will be doing these special posts. It should be fun and give you all a Sneak Peek into the lives of the designers you follow.

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