Friday, May 2, 2008

Great Friends

I have such good friends! My gal pals at Jazzercise are such good friends. These are lilacs from Missy's yard (Hi Missy!) and she brought them for me and another friend because she thought we would like them. How cool is that? My other friend, Shelley (Hi Shelley!) often breaks me and Missy off a slab of whatever goodie she baked, pound cake, carrot cake, yum. What fun. Both of them are recipients of the Year of the Crocheted Birthday Gifts, 2007.

I had an interesting experience last night. I went to a business event for my DH and the company he works for. Clients and former employees were all invited 500? people. Anyway, It's that general 'cocktail' party atmosphere where everyone networks, and you chat for a few minutes then someone moves on. I'm fairly social, so it's ok, I can talk to just about anybody. But it's interesting the questions I get, "How are the kids" is usually the first, then maybe, "what's new with you?". And I always have to assess, are they asking because they are interested and want to KNOW, or are they asking because they are bored while their companion is busy talking with my husband? So then, I have to decide, do I want to mention crochet or not? Am I going to reveal my dirty little secret, risk ridicule, and risk being patronized with my little 'hobby'. Then, if I mention crochet, do I brag? How do I show people that for me crochet is a profession and it's business (and fun), without bragging. And will they think it is interesting or will they think it is amusing?

My usual line is, "I design crochet patterns for yarn companies and magazines". Of course, I had on a crocheted backpack (too convenient to wear a backpack to these things, leaves your hands free for shaking and sipping).

I don't really have a point, I just think it's interesting that I sometimes feel shy about sharing my love for crochet because of the fear of being found 'amusing'. Sometimes I get great responses, like, "I Crochet too!" (That makes me really happy), and of course, the typical, "my mother, aunt, grandmother crocheted". Still, I guess I'd rather speak up and risk it, than stand meekly and let them think that I don't have any interests beyond what project my DH is currently working on!

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Amy said...

I'm glad to hear that someone else feels that way too.

I'm not a designer (maybe someday?). but I was very proud to have recently crocheted a sample for a designer and have it posted on her website. I was describing this project to a friend, and when I thought back on it later I realized how awkward I sounded, stuck between not wanted to make too much of it, being excited at the chance to help out a designer I admire, and in the end, not doing much justice to my own efforts. I've promised myself that I'll present things differently the next time a friend asks what I've been up to.