Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Day in the Life....

Robyn, over at Crochet By Faye did her "Day in the Life" on May 3, and I thought it was a good idea and would make an easy post some day, so here's mine!

6:00 DH leaves and I go back to sleep. Thank you God for one more hour.

7:10 My clock radio wakes me up and it seems like the radio station is always playing Billy Idol's "Mony Mony" which I hate. I vow to change the station, and then I forget. I attempt to get up quietly, turning on as few lights as possible, not evening flushing the potty for fear it might wake the kids prematurely spoiling my cherished 20 minutes of quiet. I check my e-mail and attend to any e-mails that need immediate attention.

7:30 Wake the kids. Dear God, please let them get up easy today. Hustle, hustle, dress, breakfast, brush hair, brush teeth, did I remember Chickee's lunch and her 10:00 snack? Was it my turn to bring Chief's class a snack? Is today a payment day? Did I brush MY teeth?

8:30 Out to the driveway to wait for Chickee's bus. Say a few quick prayers since I have a captive audience. Wave goodbye to the bus even though I'm sure Chickee's not watching. Maybe somebody's child is watching me wave goodbye. Get Chief into the car and take him to pre-school.

9:00 Goodbyes and hugs at pre-school. Off to Jazzercise! Whew, everybody got everywhere on time. Dance, dance, joke, laugh...

10:30 An hour of free time to run to the bank, run to the grocery, grab a do-nut, check my e-mail at the library, make a few phone calls, or sit in the car and crochet while I wait for Chief to get out of school.

11:30 "MOM!" Chief runs out of preschool, we head home. If I need to go to the post office I need to do it now and quick before they close for lunch at 12:00. (There's no post office near Chief's preschool, otherwise I could do it during my free hour).

12:00 Lunch. Try to persuade Chief to eat ANYTHING other than pizza, or a "pizza sandwich" or "pizza chicken"... check e-mail.

12:30 Finally, I get a shower. Chief plays the computer.

1:00 I finally get to start crocheting. Stop crocheting to read Chief a Scooby-Doo book, get back to crocheting, but stop to get Chief his 2:00 snack. Get back to crocheting while we watch tv or Chief does puzzles. Stop to do laundry, answer the phone, do the dishes, clean up a spill...

Sometimes Chief has his cousin over and they are off playing.

4:30 Chickee gets home from school. We do homework, she gets a snack. The kids start to figure out if they are going outside to play. Chickee starts asking 'what's for dinner'? and then whining 'I hate (insert dinner item here)' and follows with 'why can't I have Spaghetti-O's?' The Grumpy Zombies invade my kids' bodies and they are inconsolable about.... a bumped knee, so-and-so's not sharing!, it's my turn, 'Mom, s/he called me a name' 'why can't we have Skyline for dinner?'

*("Mom?", "What?"), "Mom, I was talking first;" repeat from * 24 times; 48 "Mom?"

5:00-6:30 Crochet in between thinking about dinner, doing more laundry, "oh, my this house is a mess" straightening up, unload the dishwasher, check e-mail, check Ravelry...

6:30-7:30 Captain gets home, they play outside while I do...Dinner prep. Call 'em in to eat, dinner dishes, pack lunches for tomorrow...

8:00 Beg the kids to get ready for bed, take a bath, read a book, look at I can has cheeseburger on line while the kids roar with laughter.

9:00 Whew! The best part of the day! THANK You to GOD We are all home, safe, healthy, etc. Crochet, watch tv, read, until 11:00.

Now that I look at it, it's a wonder I am as productive as I am!

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Haley said...

You are amazing! That is quite a day - sounds a lot like mine only I can't manage to fit any crochet time in!! Have a great one!