Saturday, May 31, 2008

Doris Chan's new blog

LOVE IT. All you fans of Doris Chan, listen up! She has a new blog, full of funny, charming stories and clever turns of phrase with great photos of her work. The two time author of "Amazing Crochet Lace" and "Everyday Crochet" has a signature style. You can look at a piece and say, "That's a Doris Chan design!"

Awesome. Welcome to the blog world Doris! And, in honor of Doris, here is a photo of me wearing one of Doris' designs. It is the "Mesa jacket" that was on the cover of Crochet! a year or so ago. The cover model was in blues.

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Endako Jo said...

the sleeve has me baffled. how I am reading the pattern is that at the end of one round you turn, at the end of the next you don’t…..repeat those 2 rows. how did you do yours?