Friday, May 16, 2008

Nashua Cilantro

Another Great yarn! This Nashua Cilantro yarn is STRETCHY!!!! I've been looking at it for weeks trying to decide what it wants to be. The put up is: 70% cotton, 30% polyester; 50g 1.75 oz, 136 yards. It's a size 4 cyca size. Speak to me, yarn, what do you want to be?
Are you following the "Day in the Life" Posts? They are alot of fun, if you need to get caught up, here's the list again:
Monday, May 12th --- Amie, owner of NexStitch, Art Teacher, and Crochet Designer
Tuesday, May 13th--- Mary Beth, Author of the Secret Language of Knitters, Host of Getting Loopy, Bunny Parent, Mom, and Crochet Designer
Wednesday, May 14th--- Margaret, Fiber Design Veteran, Author of scores of fiber books, Grandmother, and Crochet Designer
Thursday, May 15th--- Amy, Tech editor, Author of Knits for Bears to Wear, Mom, Moving to remote Alaska, and Crochet Designer
Friday, May 16th--- Vashti, CGOA board Member, Mom, and Crochet Designer
Saturday, May 17th--- Ellen, Mom, Afghan Maven, and Crochet Designer *** uh, that's me***

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