Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I crochet so SLOW!!!

Sometimes it feels like I crochet so....s l o wwww....... Or maybe it's just the project? Sometimes I whip right through a project and other ones seem to take forever.... I always think of my pal Karen Blumberg who is the fastest crocheter in our guild. I know she can whip out sweaters in a weekend. I can get projects done quickly only because I have to neglect everything else! I can make a whole afghan in a week/10 days if I have to, but the kids will be eating Spaghetti-O's and the DH will have to find his own lunch.

It's an exciting crochet time my friends! There is much on the horizon though it feels like nothing is being revealed right now, it's coming. It seems like all the magazines come out at the same time. I just received my issue of Crochet! yesterday, and it makes me want to start submitting to it again. I haven't submitted in quite a while because I've just been busy with other directions. Also, every design I make, I really do try and think of which magazine/buyer would be most likely to fit with the design in style/complexity/yarn etc.

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Haley said...

ME TOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate how slowly I crochet! I even tried to do only simple stitches and patterns to practice my skills last summer/fall. You know like the crochet equivalent of doing scales in music lessons. I did speed up somewhat. I think my homelife distractions also contribute greatly. But since you only get to go around once, I won't make tea parties and games of tag take a back seat to crochet. I'll have plenty of time later to stitch. Have a great day!!