Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Red flower

Oh My gosh, what a busy weekend! Whew! We are all so tired. Party, party, party. a birthday, a graduation, a parade, cake, cake, brats and hamburgers, BBQ and chili. I'm very glad to get back into our routine for a few days before our routine totally changes with Chickee's last day of school on Thursday.

I did get some crocheting done (I have no idea how) and I hope to get you some sneak peeks later this week.


TurquoizBlue said...

Is that a Peony? I'm still waiting for mine to bloom.

Ellen Gormley said...

Yes, it is a peony. Last fall DH put in all our landscaping and so this year, I am enjoying the surprises of the blooms that I didn't know were going to happen! This bush bloomed and it's gorgeous. Funny thing, is that DH said that this bush was there when we moved in (2 years ago) and I never noticed it before. I think this is the first time it has bloomed.

TurquoizBlue said...

I grew up in Ohio and I loved the peonies there!