Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Don't try to kill this yarn!

To "kill" a yarn, means to break it's fibers, "locking" them in place with a hot clothes iron. (more or less). There really aren't too many times when you actually would want to "kill" a crochet project. Usually, when blocking, you hold a hot steam iron OVER the item WITHOUT touching it. If you were to touch it with the iron, you might "kill" it.

So, I'm blocking a swatch of SWTC's Amaizing 100% Corn Fiber. Now, I don't know what to do to block corn fiber, so I figure, I'll try it! First, the yarn is really lovely. The HOVERING is going well, so I figure, It's corn, so is that closest to "cotton" on the iron or is it closer to "linen"?

I've swatched a "square-ish" shape, so I tap the iron down and one of the corners is still peeking out from the iron, I lift the iron and ITS STUCK!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I grab the available corner (and thank God that I didn't cover the whole motif, note to self, never cover the whole motif when experimenting...) Anyway, I killed it. It's dead. Fibers immediately ripped from the swatch and stuck onto the iron. Matter of fact, here's the iron. It's kind of like a "sneak peek" isn't it? Can you see the motif on the iron?

Now, look at these two photos. The first one shows the surface of the 'alive, un-killed' swatch and the second is the 'killed' swatch. Can you see the damage. Wow, I wonder if I can get this stuff off my iron, or I'll have to go out and get a new one. (ugh, anyone know how to get corn off an iron?)


Haley said...

OMG!!! That is awful! On a good note the "alive" yarn look yummy! Wish my computer had feel-o-vision! As for your iron, try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It is really good at taking baked on stuff off of ovens and cooktops. Good luck! Have a great day!!

Sandie said...

I never block anything, but I will certainly keep this in mind. Poor iron. I also never iron, so I guess I am not much help. I have heard vinegar is useful for many things...? And coke is supposed to clean everything... Let us know what works.

Jaybird Designs said...


If you read the description of the yarn on SWTC reads all over the description


Well, I guess sometimes you just gotta find out for yourself!