Thursday, May 29, 2008

Adding Beads

Hi All, this is how I get beads onto my yarn. I bought the "flexible beading needles" that come in a multi-pack at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry making area. The beading needle is a long (4.5"??) silver wire with a circle 'eye/loop' at the end. That circle end is where the yarn goes. You have to get the yarn through that eye. I had to use my tapestry needle, thread the needle with my yarn, take my tapestry needle and pull that through the eye on the end of the beading needle. Let the tapestry needle free, leave the yarn in the beading needle. Thread the beading needle through the eye of the beads and push it down onto the yarn. The eye/loop of the beading needle might bend, that's ok. Shown is Caron yarn in SPA with 6/0 size seed beads.

You can also use a "Big Eye Needle" but I couldn't find mine! I'll have to get some more and show it to you.

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TurquoizBlue said...

You can also use sewing thread to put beads onto yarn. Take a length of thread, fold in half, slip yarn into the fold, slide your beads onto the thread, and slide down onto your yarn. :D