Thursday, January 17, 2008

Scarf for Captain

Here it is! All single Crochet, as basic and beginner as it gets. It's made of Patons Katrina (which I think might be discontinued, but I'm not certain) in black and brown. Captain said he likes it and is wearing it, so that's proof!

Today I'm celebrating the return of my computer (YAY) and the crash of the brakes on my car (BOO!) No, I didn't crash the car. My "brake" light came on and I decided that I had time and there was a tire shop like mere feet from picking up Chief from preschool, so I rolled on into the parking lot and the mechanic said that something "Blew" in my brakes and there was brake fluid "spewing" everywhere and that I probably wouldn't have made it even 3 more blocks without the brakes going out altogether. Wow. How often does a light come on on the dash and we ignore it for miles? We got lucky this time.

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