Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside

We were on our way home from Florida, driving the 14 hour drive from Orlando to Cincinnati, and we got to Tennessee. We got out of the van for lunch and BRRRR!! We left Orlando at around 77 degrees and it was like 25 in Tennessee. I knew by the time we reached Ohio, the temps would be in the teens. Oh yeah, Chickee forgot her winter coat. It was warm-ish in Ohio when we left for Orlando the day after Christmas, so she forgot her coat when she got into the car. Ok, back to Tennessee, we got out of the van in Tennessee to have lunch, and all Chickee had was a spring weight jacket. So, what would you expect a crochet mom to do? I made her a hat! I grabbed the swatching yarn in my stash bag and made her the most adorable hat (IMHO) in time for her to get out of the car at home. I'd show you, but I probably am going to try to sell it.

Of course, it was a record high of 65 here yesterday. One thing about Cincinnati weather, if you don't like it, wait until tomorrow!

Crochet is useful.

Here's some hats of a totally different nature, Derby Hats! (as in Kentucky Derby). This is me with my dear friend, Carrie in our Derby attire.

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