Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chief's Birthday

What a trooper my little guy is! He turned 5 the day we drove home from Florida. He didn't get any cards, he didn't get any gifts, and not even a birthday cake, and did he complain? Not at all! We are doing his party a few days late so that we could get home and celebrate with family, including his Grandma who shares the same birthday. He did get his favorite breakfast on his birthday, waffles. And I didn't even have to make it! It was compliments of the hotel staff where we stayed.

I'm going to teach a friend how to crochet today! I'm so excited. She has patiently watched me crochet for a few months now, while our kids play. I have asked her if she wants to learn, and she said, "Yes!". So today, when we go to play, I have a few "starter" things all ready. I made a few rows of sc for her about 4" long and she can start making sc right away. I'll show her the more frustrating sc into chs later after she gets some confidence with the sc.
This is a photo of Chief, with his cousin, "Chip". Chief got this cool sled from his Aunt for Christmas.

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Haley said...

Happy Birthday Chief!! My little one turns 4 in just a few days. I can't believe it!! Time flies when you are having fun - I hope he enjoys his party!!