Saturday, January 12, 2008

I did it!

I taught my friend Lynn how to crochet. How much crochet do you need to know in order to say, "I know how to crochet" ? Well, Lynn picked it up pretty quickly (I think). I've only taught a few people how to crochet, most of them, kids. By the end of our lesson, Lynn was sc and turning and going back and forth and talking at the same time! I had taught her how to rip out stitches when you make a mistake and how to turn, how to ch and sc, and the anatomy of a stitch to help her know where to insert the hook and how she knows when she is "done" with a stitch and a row. So I'm very pleased! Like I said in an earlier post, I gave her a "starter" that was about 4 rows of 15 sc, and let her start from there. I'll have to teach her slip knot, chs, and working into the chains next. She was so excited she made me make her a list of what to buy at the craft store so she could keep going. Of course, I let her keep the starter ball, and because she's a good friend, I let her borrow a good hook (not a disposable hook!) Very, very cool.


Haley said...

That is so rewarding to teach others your passion - good job! Don't forget she'll need to know what to do when her starter ball runs out! (i.e. how to add a new skein or change colors) I would love to hear about your experience teaching kids to crochet. I am thinking about offering to teach at my sons school (1st thru 4th grade)
And Welcome to Crochet Lynn! I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful journey for you!!

Ellen Gormley said...

Lynn gets her second lesson on Friday. With kids I try really hard to focus on "fun". So we take breaks, and never, never, work so long that they get frustrated and never want to try again. literally 5-10 minutes lessons more frequently has been the way to go for Chickee and her friends.

randurini said...

Hi ellen. I just found your blog this morning and can't stop reading. I started my first crochet teaching last week and it was fun! some of friend will also join this weekend. I'll post the teaching process to my blog after. Nice to meet you, Ellen!

Ellen Gormley said...

Thanks for reading! I'm glad you are enjoying it. Stay tuned, there's lots more to come.