Monday, January 7, 2008

Crochet Sightings at Disney World

To say that Disney World was crowded the week after Christmas, would be an understatement. I'm guessing, though, that Disney World is crowded 365 days per year. I had planned to scan the crowd and take photos of people wearing crochet. I was disappointed that there weren't many. The 4-5 that I did see, I just couldn't whip my camera out fast enough to capture it in the sea of people.

I did see: at least 2 crocheted sun hats. One looked as if it was made of raffia (sp?) but more pliable. The other one, a little girl wore and it was white with a flower! I have a photo....If I could get it for you...

I saw a teen girl carrying a simple crocheted purse messenger style, it looked like it was made of crochet cotton in ecru with bright pink accents.
I had a crocheted bag with me, but I didn't carry it, because it's a "secret", and you never know who you'll run into in a crowd of several hundred thousand people at a major theme park.

The photo is uh, not Disney, it's Chickee's kindergarten play last March! She is the flower in light green a fifth over from the left.

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