Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Designing Personality

To be a designer, you need to be flexible in your ideas, but really, let's not hurt ourselves. This is Chief doing the "limbo" while on vacation. It was so hysterical! No one explained the rules to him, so he couldn't figure out why all the other kids were doing it the "hard way" when it was so obvious to him that this was so much easier! What a cutie!

But really now, let's not make life extra hard on ourselves. In crochet design, you have to decide how flexible you are able to be without hurting yourself. If you propose a project in blue, and the editor wants it in red, is that ok with you? You have to decide when to stick to your guns and when to be flexible.

If the buyer has now asked you to make the design in red, and you get started, let's say you get 10 hours into the project and you get a call that the plan has changed and it needs to be purple. Can you roll with it? Or would it cause you too much stress/harm/pain/money/time....

When at all possible, I recommend being flexible. Don't be too flexible that you work for less than your design and time are worth.

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