Monday, January 21, 2008

Captain and the Scarf

Who knew Disney could be so funky? In a great way, mind you. This is the Giraffe in the Animal Kingdom's Christmas parade. Very cool. I guess it's because of the African influence with the animals from that continent that the Animal Kingdom seems more "artsy" to me than the other parks.

Total switch of topics....

Captain says the new scarf is not as warm at the old scarf. (he's right, but to his face, I'll say that he's not good at change, lol). Really, I don't remember the fiber content of the Patons katrina, but I'm pretty sure it's not wool. It has a stretchy sheen to it that keeps it cool to the touch. He also said that it is "hole-y". It's sc! I guess I could do a Tunisian stitch in wool and that would solve both issues. I might do this. Since he has never worn crochet before, it's pretty important that he enjoy it so that he'll wear it more (and be a role-model for other men). The future of crochet is at stake here!

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