Thursday, January 10, 2008

Photos are back!

Let's see how this works.... I found an old photo program on this old computer, it's not Photoshop, but will it help carry me through until I get my good computer back? I think I should name my good computer don't you? How about "Sasha", I've always wanted a Calico cat that I could name "Sasha" but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe I should reserve that name just in case.... Ok, I'll come up with something else? Anyone have any suggestions?

Ok, let me post a photo from the old computer's photo program. This is our family on Christmas Eve at the Grandparent's house! HA! It worked! WooHoo!
BTW, Chickee is wearing the first sweater I ever designed, the sleeves are 4 inches too long, and she is wearing them rolled up. It's amazing that she actually likes it and still wears it even though it is 2 years old.

I'm so excited about photos being "back" that I'm going to go back to posts from the last few days and try and insert photos in all of them. Check out the rainbow on the goals post.

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