Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Desigining Personality

Don't be Afraid to be Yourself. Even if the rest of the crowd is standing patiently waiting for the Disney boat to get across to the Magic Kingdom, it's ok to pose your own way. This is Chief posing as Spiderman. He held this pose for probably 2 full minutes before I finally said, "what are you doing?" and he said, "Waiting for you to take my picture." Well, ok.

To be a designer the whole point is being original in your use of crochet. I'm not a terribly trendy, stylish, original person in general. If you put me in a crowd of 100 other blonds in their mid-30's you wouldn't pick me out of the crowd and say, "Her! She's the creative one!". Still, to be a designer, your crochet work needs to be your own. It needs to move in a direction that only you can take it.

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