Saturday, September 22, 2007

Changing my mind about Turning

Occasionally, on discussion groups, people will ask, "how do you turn your work?" and I have always answered, "like I'm turning a page in a book". But now, I'm changing my mind. I am right-handed, you need to know. I have been teaching my daughter, Chickee, but now I need to re-teach her.

Do a swatch, any swatch that requires a turning chain of any length at the end of one row to begin the next.

Usually, with my right-handed work, I turn the work as if I am turning a page in a book. As a result, I am observing that the turning chain twists in such a way that it is more difficult to find the top of the stitch to end the next row. If I turn the opposite way, the turning chain sits up nicely, and it is easier to find the top ch to place a stitch into it.

Does this make sense? I have a cold and my head is fuzzy. But tune in tomorrow, because I have a nice list of cotton yarns to look at.

Now, let's see if I have a photo to share:

This is me and "Chief" photo by Chickee. Please disregard the jammies on the floor, Guiding Light on the TV, the dismantled chair in the background, afghan thrown on the floor, etc. This is a simple halter in White TLC Essentials. I'm a little pale in white, next time I'll choose pink or magenta or some other better color.

The spacing seems to be getting all wonky, sorry, I'll try and figure out the key to it!

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