Monday, December 30, 2013


Patience is a virtue that you, dear readers, have had!
Thank you for your patience! Here's what I've been up to lately...

TODAY... I shipped the projects for Book 5.  The book title has not yet been revealed but the book will likely be released in summer.

The Cover of Book FOUR is now up on Amazon (Have I shown it to you yet?)

Go Crochet! Skillbuilder: 30 Crochet-in-a-Day projects

I'm developing another online class, so hopefully that will be a "go" in 2014.

Now that I just shipped book 5, I need to clean my office, sort all my 2013 receipts and check-stubs and in general, get my bookkeeping in order.

My goals for 2014 are narrowing greatly.  I'll be working on the magazine, the tv show and efforts related to those two things mostly.

On a personal note, I'm going to train to run a half-marathon in 2014 and work to get the kitten to cuddle with me.... (she's not a cuddler...)

What are your plans for 2014? 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Topiary Scarf Revealed!

My Topiary Scarf is in the Spring issue of Crochet! magazine.

 The scarf is join-as-you-go hexagons made in Universal's Nazli Gelin Garden 3 Yarn, you can find it in more colors here.
The E-version of Crochet! magazine Spring goes on sale today! The print version will be in stores 1/7/14. Go to for all the information about the magazine.

For MORE sneak peeks, view and "like" the Crochet! magazine Facebook page.... Here.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The BEST Crocheted Hat Ever

Now that we are into our second day of shoveling and deicing the cars... I'm supremely grateful for the BEST crocheted hat EVER.

The Driftwood Cap. 
It's warm, it stretches, it stays on, and I can (and have) made one for everyone in the family.

Get the pattern HERE. Dive into your stash and have one made by tonight. 238 of them have been made and shared on Ravelry with rave reviews.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Crowning Achievements

You may remember this blanket from Crochet! magazine, now it is a FREE PATTERN offered by Red Heart!  Thank you Red Heart!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NEW Title!

Two big headlines for you today :)

Crocheting Clothes Kids Love... is now available for pre-order!  Woohoo!  I should be getting my advance copy any day.  I'm so excited to see it in print.

Here's my initial sketch from the dress/tunic in the book. 
You'll be able to see the finished project shortly, a glimpse of it on the cover in the upper right.

The second announcement is the reveal of the updated and final title of Book 4, coming out in July....
Drum roll please....

Go Crochet! Skillbuilder: 30 Crochet-in-a-Day Projects to Take You from Beginner to Expert