Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Winners ARE.....

The winner of the Giveaway ONE, the yarns needed to make the Pea Pod Scarf: 
Teresa, from Ham Lake MN!

The winner of Giveaway TWO, the yarn needed to make the Spiral Cowl:
SpringSplndr, NY

The winner of Giveaway THREE, the yarn and clasp to make the Departure Bracelet:
Mary B, from Tuscaloosa AL


Please email me at Ellen @ GoCrochet dot com with your mailing address by 10/6/12 and I will mail your prizes!

Thanks everyone who participated!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Giveaway LAST Day!

Today is the LAST DAY to enter THREE giveaways. Read back on this blog, back to Sept 1, for THREE chances to WIN!  Enter one, enter all three.

Now, for Photo Friday.... I don't think you've seen Charlie and Piglet lately.  They are doing fine!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Signed copies of Learn Bruges Lace now available!

I just got in a bunch of copies of Learn Bruges Lace!  You can get a signed copy directly from me for $10. (including shipping), Using Paypal.  Open to US Residents only. In the buyer's instructions, you can leave me a note how you'd like me to sign your copy!

If you are outside the US or would like to get your copy through Annie's, here's the link.

Here's what Annie's has to say about the book:
Learn how to crochet using the Bruges lace techniques, and get 8 fashionable crochet patterns in Learn Bruges Lace by Ellen Gormley!

Create colorful and lacy crochet hats, scarves, bracelets and more. Most forms of crochet lace are made using only a neutral color, but Bruges lace can be made in pieces and units before being stitched together. So it's easy to incorporate multiple colors in these crochet designs. Learn Bruges Lace gives you:
  • Easy, step-by step instructions and full-color photos for 10 Bruges lace stitch patterns.
  • 8 crochet designs by Ellen Gormley for you to practice your new techniques and create a stylish throw and fashionable accessories.
  • The opportunity to create amazing results using basic crochet stitches.
  • Symbol crochet instructions for all stitch patterns and projects.
56 pages, all color.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GoCrochet Newsletter

If I made a monthly newsletter, would you subscribe with your email address?  LOL  There's a sign up form on the right side bar too. I haven't decided whether it might be a Crochet Business tips theme or a Crochet techniques theme. Do you have an opinion? Leave a comment with your thoughts on what you'd like to read!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Full Bloom Scarf REVEALED

Did I tell you about my venture with My Crochet Kits yet? I designed the Full Bloom Scarf and it is now available as a KIT!  Professionally tech edited and accompanied by a symbol diagram, this cool pattern is really a favorite of mine.  It can be worn a bunch of different ways.  This rainbow shaped scarf is worked with the dangly edging integrated into the row instructions.  The kit comes with 3 balls of Tahki Tivoli Mohair/silk, but it's not too "mohair-y" that it is difficult to use. The kits come in blue (shown) and magenta.  Here's the link to the My Crochet Kits Site so that you can check it out and all the other Crochet kits that Debra has available from many other designers like Sharon Silverman and Karen Whooley.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guest Blogger

Did you see my guest blog post on the Bernat blog? Check out what I did with a motif from Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workbook and how I pumped up the volume of the Departure Bracelet from the Learn Bruges Lace book!  Here's the link. Bernat Blog. Thanks Vickie Howell for calling on me to play with this fun yarn.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Friday (Chain Link Photos!)

Every year there is a "Dance Party" at the Knit and Crochet show.  Doris Chan pumps out the music and the rest of us hang on for the ride. Above (L-R) is Amy Shelton, Kathleen Sams and Margaret Hubert "table dancing".
 Here, (L-R) is Amy Curtin, Karen Whooley, and Laurie Wheeler (from the CLF).
 ok, this requires a little explanation... do you resemble this? Start thinking stitch diagrams... (L-R) is Melanie, Jenny King, Vashti Braha, me, and Linda Dean.  Doris played "YMCA" and I said to Linda, I think I'm doing the "C" backwards, and Linda said something to the effect of 'what does it matter we can pretend it is a symbol diagram' or something... which made us all start going into spontaneous yoga-style symbol diagrams.... So above is a.....  5 double crochet cluster....can you guess the next one?

The legs indicate one yarn over...  yep, it's a 5 double crochet shell... ok, you can guess the next one...

 Gee, what could it be?    A Popcorn stitch!

 Ok, we were short two people who were willing to participate...   but does it resemble a filet mesh pattern, perhaps?  Closed square, open square, closed square?  Ah, the geeky crochet humor. And believe it or not an embarrassingly low amount of alcohol was consumed.... this is all sober friends...

The moral of the story is that what happens in Reno doesn't apparently stay in Reno because if Reno is Vegas' little sister, doesn't the little sister always tattle?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

3x Giveaway! Day THREE!

Did you already enter to win on Day ONE and Day TWO?  Read back to previous posts back to September 1 for various chances to win yarn and copies of the book! 

3.  Yarn and a Magnetic Barrel Clasp to make the DEPARTURE BRACELET!
You're going to love it so much, and you'll have so much yarn leftover from your free ball of SMC Pertinino that you'll want to run right out and buy more magnetic barrel clasps to make a dozen more bracelets to give all your friends!  You'll be the Green Bracelet club! 

You have until September 28th to leave a comment on THIS post for this prize. Please leave your name and city or identifying location. Since I'll have to ship the yarn, this is open to US residents only. Don't worry if your comment doesn't publish immediately, I'll get to it as soon as I can. You may enter ALL three giveaways once each, so go back if you missed #1 and #2.

Please consider hitting the Twitter or Facebook or Google+ buttons at the bottom of this post. (Although it won't at all influence your odds of winning)

A Random winner will be pulled from the comments on Saturday September 29! All the winners will be announced that day... so mark it on your calendar!  The winners will have to email me with your mailing address by October 3, 2012.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chain Link Part 2

 More highlights from the Knit & Crochet Show.  I took 3 classes (I love learning more and the show is a great time to learn, since I'm a captive audience!)  Above is one of the renowned teachers, Darla Fanton. I took a class with her last year on Tunisian Entrelac. I was honored and a bit flabbergasted when she bought my book and asked me to sign it.
 Here I am with my pal and one of my favorite designers, Kimberly McAlindin.  
In this photo, Kimberly is wearing Doris Chan's new pattern "Cat's Cradle" which debuted at the show and will be available soon. Concerning Kimberly's designs, if you go on the Caron website, you will find a boatload of graceful wearable garments that are Kimberly's hallmark.
 Here is L-R, Susan Lowman, Andee Graves, and my roomie, Doris Chan. Search for all over their patterns on Ravelry under the 'Pattern' Tab, enter their name and you'll see it all come up. :) 

Here I am with my new friend Jenny King.  She wrote a book I have on my shelf, Bavarian Crochet and I got to see some of the color wonderful projects in person at the Crochetville and Red Heart booth.  I wish I had brought my copy along so she could have signed it!  On the right is Vashti Braha of Designing Vashti fame. She has a very popular crochet newsletter. I took her 5 peaks Tunisian shawl class at this show.  Wow, how her mind thinks!  So out of the box!  I love learning to see things from a new perspective, so I loved her class.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Knit and Crochet Show Recap!

Another great show full of great teachers, exciting classes a hopping market.  The Fall show was in Reno, Nevada this year.  The Crochet Guild of America held it's fall meetings in conjunction with the Knit and Crochet Show. So Wednesday was Professional Development Day (PDD) where crochet professionals and aspiring professionals gather for education on teaching, graphic design, proposal development, pattern writing, pattern sizing, social media, etc.  I spoke to the group about the use of social media for crochet marketing and how to work most cooperatively with a CGOA Mentor.

Let's see if I can find any PDD photos. Also, find photos and posts about the event on Twitter using the hashtag #chainlink or #knitandcrochetshow

 Here I am (at the end of the day) with Tammy Hildebrand, the CGOA Professional Development Chair.  Tammy was my CGOA Mentor and taught me everything I know! ;)
Here I am with 2012 GRAND PRIZE winner of the CGOA Design Competition, Laurinda Reddig. She is wearing the prize winning vest. It is a fully reversible double crochet intarsia technique unlike anything any of us have ever seen before. Really a sight to behold. Laurinda has a new book out, check it out on her blog by following the link in her name above. Laurinda was kind enough to invite me to her birthday party and share her chocolate cake with me! 

A note about the Design competition... You DO have to be a member of the CGOA, but you DON'T have to be present to win. Laurinda is an example of a new person who blew away the competition and jump started her career with her entry in the competition. Unpublished BEFORE the competition, she is now in deep conversation with many opportunities for future work.  START you design competition sketches NOW. The 2013 Design Competition will be held in Charlotte, NC next October.  The entry fee is minimal... just enough to cover postage to get your item shipped back to you if you don't attend the conference. There are MANY prizes.  The list of 2012 winners can be found here.Get inspired. Get it done.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo Friday

 We took a quick trip in August to Northern Ohio, Lake Erie.
These are the largest known formation of "Glacial Grooves" in the world in Northern Ohio on Kelley's Island.  A moving glacier made these grooves in the ROCK millions of years ago. Kinda interesting. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

3x Giveaway! Day TWO

Did you already enter Day ONE? Read back if you missed it and find another chance to win.

2.  Yarn to make the SPIRAL COWL (Shimmer version)

Red Heart Shimmer used in the Spiral Cowl 

You have until September 28th to leave a comment on THIS post with your first name, city or identifying location. Since I'll have to ship, this is open to US residents only.  Don't worry if your comment doesn't publish right away, I read the comments first to make sure they aren't spam. I usually approve them right away as they come in, but it might take me a few hours if I'm busy.

PLEASE consider hitting the Twitter or Facebook or Google+ icon on the bottom of this post. (Although it won't at all influence your odds of winning, and pushing every button will not make me announce the winner any faster). 

A RANDOM winner will be pulled from the comments on SEPTEMBER 29 (it's a big day, all the winners will be pulled that day).  You'll have until October 3 to email me with your mailing address. Ok?

If you missed it, check out older posts to find Day ONE and opportunities to win a copy of the book on the blog tour stops the since September 1.
The other prizes will be announced soon. :)


Friday, September 7, 2012

3x Giveaway! Day ONE

I have THREE prizes to GIVEAWAY.

THREE! (but today you get just one)

1. Yarn to make the Pea Pod Scarf. It includes one ball of each the natural and green Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK.  I love this yarn. There. I said it.  I also made the Bonus Scarf out of it and I just love it.  If I wasn't already married...

You have until September 28th to leave a comment on THIS post with your first name, city or identifying location. Since I'll have to ship, this is open to US residents only.  

PLEASE consider hitting the Twitter or Facebook or Google+ icon on the bottom of this post. (Although it won't at all influence your odds of winning, and pushing every button will not make me announce the winner any faster). 

A RANDOM winner will be pulled from the comments on SEPTEMBER 29 (it's a big day, all the winners will be pulled that day).  You'll have until October 3 to email me with your mailing address. Ok?

The other prizes will be announced soon. :)

Photo Friday

Chickee driving the go-kart at Grandpa Dave's

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Book Review! Learn Bruges Lace!

Thank you to Naida, Kathleen and Rachee' for their reviews.  If you missed them, you can click on their names and go try for a chance to win on their blogs.

TODAY though, Susan Lowman, the Crochet Architect gives Learn Bruges Lace a peek. Since Susan is the one who introduced me to Bruges Lace at the Knit and Crochet Show in 2010, I am particularly interested in her review!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chance to Win!

You have TWO chances to win today. Please read BOTH posts (this is the second for today).

Say it Rah-Shay also did a book review for me and is giving away a copy!  Go See!

Book Review: Crochet Saved My Life

Back when I was a mental health counselor, I had a very open-minded Clinical Director who allowed me to introduce crochet into a depression therapy group.  It was interesting how I had 5-6 women clients in individual therapy with depression and related symptoms who all either crocheted or were interested in learning.  So, we formed a group!  All the benefits of group therapy with the normalizing and creative outlet of crochet.  What we knew intuitively, that craft can heal, is the subject of Kathryn Vercillo's book, Crochet Saved My Life.

Personal stories of how crochet contributed to lives of actual people fills over 300 pages in Kathryn's book.  Stories about how crochet helps with chronic illness is soothing in the face of anxiety and contributes to healing from abuse.

About her own experience, Kathryn writes, "Of course, crochet alone could never have taken me out of that desperate place. It is a craft, not a cure-all for serious illness. And yet I am also fairly certain that I could never have loosened myself from the grip of that depression without crochet. I was stuck in between that proverbial rock and a hard place and my crochet hook served as a crowbar to begin prying me out of that difficult space. I hardly knew that it was happening and yet that hook dug deep down into the core of my being and lifted me into a space where I could once again begin to breathe. In the most basic and obvious way possible I was creating a life for myself simply through the act of creating."


Go Visit Kathryn's Blog, Crochet Concupiscence for her review of Learn Bruges Lace

Saturday, September 1, 2012